Nine Elms Bridge Inquiry at Westminster City Hall

Nine Elms Bridge debate at Westminster City Hall

Westminster City Council Scutiny Committee is examining the Nine Elms Bridge. It’s the first meeting of Westminster’s Public Inquiry into the Proposed Nine Elms Bridge at Westminster City Hall and will help to set the agenda for the way it unfolds.

Full Report: Environment and Customer Services Policy & Scrutiny Committee, Nine Elms to Pimlico Pedestrian-Cycle Bridge Proposal, 18th Jan 2016 (PDF).



Westminster City Council, Pimlico Councillors and FREDA would like to encourage residents in all Pimlico wards to come along and show their support.
It’s part of a Scrutiny Committee, based on the Select Committee model from Parliament, on Monday 18th January, 2016, 7.00 pm at City Hall on Monday 18th January 2016 7.00 pm.

Location: Rooms 5, 6 & 7, 17th Floor, City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QP.

Witnesses: Currently comprises witnesses Edward Reeve (FREDA), Councillor Angela Harvey (Tachbrook), a TfL representative, and Alicia Eykyn (Churchill Gardens lessees). I’ve heard that Wandsworth Council will send a representative but have not been able to confirm.

How It Works: Not set in stone but there will be an introduction by Graham King, technical advisor to the Scrutiny Committee, who will lay out what has happened thus far, and how the work may go forward. He will cover the technical issues and opportunities.

Then the speakers and witnesses provide information and thoughts for approximately 5 minutes each.

The Scrutiny Committee members will ask them questions and they may suggest to the Scrutiny Committee questions to ask of TfL, Wandsworth, and other interested parties. Councillor Jason Williams (Churchill) is a member of the Scrutiny Committee.

Written statements sent to the Public Inquiry will form part of the evidence and will be a matter of record.

Members will ask questions, which will probably take approximately 20 -25 minutes, before the Chairman/Committee make their recommendations and wind up this part of the meeting.

What It Isn’t: It’s not a discussion forum or a Q&A session and you can’t speak at the meeting unless you have been called. Nor is it a list of all the things wrong with the Nine Elms Bridge. Its purpose is to examine the project, to separate fact from fiction, and to raise questions that need to be answered.

This is not an anti-bridge event. Its intent is to clarify. Pro-bridge people should come and join the conversation. This site encourages lively discussion of different points of view and we’d like all of you to attend the inquiry and post your comments on this site!

Next Steps: will create an online form to allow you to have your say and will publish follow-up info to the meeting and further Nine Elms Bridge developments. We’ll also email you updates if you’ve subscribed to 5Fields News & Updates.

How to Attend: Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting and listen to the discussion Part 1 of the Agenda. Admission to the public gallery is by ticket, which will be issued upon arrival at the ground floor reception at City Hall.

What’s on the Menu: We don’t know yet, but it could include:

  • Impact and disruption to Pimlico residents and business ranging from direct impact on those near the river to the knock-on effects in other Pimlico wards.
  • Serious traffic disruption probable along Grosvenor Road and on Vauxhall and Chelsea bridge junctions.
  • Proposed integration into the transport system seems cursory and a realistic scheme could result in much higher costs and lower demand for the bridge.
  • Effect on residential areas close to the Bridge landing, possible need for significant interventions to reduce rat-runs, road safety hazards, crime and security issues.
  • Loss of amenity, including our only open green space by the River, and disruption of quiet residential streets with a high proportion of families with children.
  • Economic viability of the Nine Elms Bridge proposal needs clarification. The basic assumptions used by TfL and Wandsworth may be flawed.
  • The need for adequate transparency from Wandsworth Council in their handling of the Nine Elms Bridge project, the competition and its public consultation process, where Pimlico residents were subject to gagging orders!

We think the event is important for Pimlico because it will help to shape not only the way we collectively deal with the Nine Elms Bridge but will also help to solidify our community’s ability to influence the things happening in our own neighbourhood.

It is important for Pimlico residents to come and show that there is community support for the process and to show that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Meet outside City Hall at 6:45 pm to join the pre-meeting throng for some banner-waving before the main event.

Please come along!

From Councillor Angela Harvey

Your Councillors have worked for decades to protect Pimlico as a residential village.  Since the Nine Elms bridge was first mooted I have fought alongside many residents to stop it. I called for this Public Inquiry to bring every pressure against it. Please come and support us, and write to this website with your support for our work.

All best wishes


Agenda reports pack pdf (PDF 3 MB)
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Westminster City Council Meeting Info Page.


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