Eccleston Square Block to be Demolished for Short-Term Development

Eccleston Square Residents Association (ESRA) and Federation of Pimlico Residents Associations (FREDA) members have seen the plans for this proposal and concludes that it will have a significant detrimental impact on the Square and the local area.

  1. The current neo-Cubitt building (built 1989) will be demolished and replaced with 3 modern blocks.
  2. The development will provide 99 short-let residential* units with no affordable housing, no parking facilities and no amenities for the community.

For those who couldn’t attend the exhibition, you can view the boards that were displayed of the exhibition here: 84 Eccleston Square Boards PDF 3.9Mb (thanks, Frances!). View 84 Eccleston Square on Google Streetview.

84 Eccleston Square: Proposed New Development

Please take a moment to let us know your views so that ESRA can deal with the developers and WCC with the support of local residents. If this form looks squiffy on your device, use the direct link.

*The developer has changed the description of use several times, so please assume that it will end up as whatever generates the most cash.

84 Eccleston Square Survey


Direct link to the survey form – 84 Eccleston Square: Feedback Form

Two larger developments are being planned nearby: Ebury Bridge Centre Project and Stockley House (just around the corner on Hudson Place).

Please contact ESRA for more info or drop us a line and we’ll forward it.


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    Thanks to all of you who are working hard to get the message out. We must all be kept on our toes as many of the developers want to get their hands on buildings and change them for expensive flats without any affordable flats included. The proposed bridge over the Thames into St. Georges Sq. would be a disaster for the area as the square is the only open square around and masses of families, elderly people and dogs enjoy the amenities of the square which would disappear if the proposed plan were to go through.

  2. 2

    We’re testing out a Pimlico network for all Pimlico residents, Residents Associations, neighbours and friends. It’s early days, so get in touch with your ideas, suggestions and help. Cheers

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