Nine Elms Cycle Bridge: Failed To Connect

Nine Elms Cycle Bridge fails to connect with Pimlico

Wandsworth’s Nine Elms Cycle Bridge PR, strategists and lobbyists sent invites for a get-together aimed at reaching out to us folks North of the River to tell us about the work they have been doing since over the last two years since Bystrup won the competition.

The meeting was billed as a consultation exercise for the NEPB team to provide technical updates, answer questions and receive feedback. Developers need to show a list of public consultations and although these events are often box-ticking exercises, they can sometimes be helpful, so we all went along to DP9’s expansive office on Pall Mall to find out the latest.

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There were preambles, overviews and graphics. We were reminded of the health benefits for cyclists and pedestrians if they diverted from their usual routes. And they explained, yet again, how the £40 million wonder cycle bridge would let us to pop over to the new Waitrose in Battersea.

Now, about that £40m. The figure surfaced around 2013-14 but the team would never tell us how it was calculated. So we asked again. Apparently it’s just a number that was floated and seems to have stuck over the years without ever being re-examined. The £26m ‘private funding’ contribution often mentioned is earmarked from CIL and s106 payments from the Nine Elms Development. So, what’s the current estimate?